Ceremonial Act for the Foundation of the of the Sister City Partnership Fulda
- Wilmington/A Piece of the Iron Curtain as a Symbolic Gift

Fulda (ey) Yesterday the Prince's Hall provided a festive setting for the foundation of a sister city partnership between Fulda and Wilmington. The mayor of the biggest city in the US Federal State of Delaware, Dr. James H. Sills, and Fulda's Lord Mayor, Dr. Wolfgang Hamberger, signed the partnership declaration which will still need the declaration of consent by both city parliaments.

The document acknowledges the intention "to deepen the friendship which has grown in more than 50 years between Americans and Germans in the interest of peace and freedom, and to use all chances of the partnerschip for the benefit of the peoples of America, Europe and Germany."

Many citizens and invited guests including the representatives of the four sistership cities particiapted in the ceremonious act.

Lord Mayor Hamberger referred to the Declaration of Independence with which in 1776 America's freedom was founded, and to the historical importance of the Boniface city of Fulda "in which the roots of the spiritual and cultural foundation of the European unification process can be found. With this background, one has sought "not only an interesting, beautiful , economically important and well-located American city for a partnership, but also a city which has a comparable historical background like Fulda in Germany. "This was a success with Wilmington "

Talking about the recent history , the Lord Mayor spoke about the half century after the war, "during which Germany and the USA grew together into a solid community of freedom and progress". Fulda has a special relationship to the United States due to the US elite Regiment which was stationed in Fulda for more than 45 years. This is an excellent basis for a future partnership which should focus on the get-together of peoples. Hamberger thanked in particular the chairman of the Fulda city parliament, Heinz Gellings, Dr. Klaus Sorg, the president of the Wilmington Committee for sister cities, Dennis Sheer, and president of the Wilmington City Council, Jim Baker, for their efforts.

Then the Lord Mayor presented the Mayor of Wilmington a symbolic gift - a piece of the Iron Curtain and said: "Let us in proved partnership never grow weary in our efforts to stand up for peace, freedom , justness and humanity."

"Wilmington is honored and proud to accept the invitation to have a sister city relationship with the great city of Fulda", said Mayor Sills. He is confident that both cities will be able to experience significant growth and development, and that both will learn and benefit from each other. Under the applause of the guests, Sills asked for "God's blessing to this new sister city relationship". " In joining our cultures and traditions" he presented a Steuben crystal bowl, named after the Hesse general who was an important figure during the Revolutionary War.

It became even more international in the flag festooned Prince's Hall when the mayors of the other sistership cities of Fulda conveyed their congratulations: Dr. Botta from Como, Italy , offered congratulations; Berhard Metrall from Arles, France, was pleased with the Fulda citizens; and Dr. Gontscharow from Sergiev Possad, Russia, called it an historic day which makes Fulda the heart of the sistership city movement. The Lord Mayor from Weimar, Dr. Germer talked about a "symbolic act, which shows "that we all human beings irrespective of race and religion".

The Jazz band of the Fulda Musician School had opened up the festive event, and the string quartet played the national anthems after the documents were signed.